1. Animal Control

    Access information on pet licensing and local wildlife.

  2. Building

    The Building Department enforces the Zoning Ordinance of the Township of Millburn and the Uniform Construction Code of the State of New Jersey.

  3. Clerk

    The Township Clerk serves as the secretary of the municipal corporation, as the local election administrator and as secretary to the governing body, providing a variety of administrative and community relations services for them.

  4. Court

    Find operating hours and additional information on the Millburn Municipal Court.

  5. Engineering

    View responsibilities and operating information regarding the Engineering Department of the Township of Millburn.

  6. Finance

    The Finance Department is responsible for handling all general financial matters of the Township.

  7. Fire

    The Millburn Fire Department celebrated it’s 125th Anniversary on April 21, 2001. From the earliest days in 1876, 10 volunteers banded together to form a bucket brigade known as “Volunteer Company 1.” Today, the department protects of community of approximately 20,000 residents with 47 career and 14 volunteer professionals out of 2 stations.

  8. Health

    Find more information about health services provided by the Health Department in the Township of Millburn.

  9. Library

    Find location and operating hours of the Millburn Public Library.

  10. Office of Emergency Management

    Webpage for the Office of Emergency Management

  11. Parking

    Township Parking for Residents, Commercial and Commuter use

  12. Police

    The mission of the Millburn Police Department is to serve and protect the residents, businesses and visitors to Millburn-Short Hills.

  13. Public Works

    Find information on all the services that the Public Works Department of the Township of Millburn offers.

  14. Recreation

    View contact information for the Recreation Department.

  15. Senior Citizens

    The Senior Citizens Department provides to the public, and to the senior citizen population in particular, information on aspects of aging; identifies the needs of senior residents and explores the options for meeting those needs; and develops and coordinates programs for seniors.

  16. Tax Office

    View tax collection and parking permit information for the Township of Millburn.

  17. Township Administration

    The Office of the Business Administrator is the focal point of the administrative operations. The Township Business Administrator serves at the pleasure of the Mayor and Township Committee and presides over the day-to-day administration of the municipality’s executive and administrative business matters.

  18. Welfare

    The Municipal Welfare Department administers the General Assistance Program, a state funded program for eligible adults and childless couples.