Millburn Complete Streets Initiative

Pedestrian safety is paramount. The Complete Streets Initiative prioritizes pedestrian safety and includes a variety of engineering improvements meant to create safer pedestrian conditions, improve traffic flow in congested areas, calm traffic at other areas and improve the efficiency, functionality and vibrancy of downtown Millburn. 

Complete Streets Award Video

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Update: August 2017

Construction is slated to begin in August at the corner of Douglas Street and Millburn Avenue, as approved by the Township Committee. This will conclude construction associated with Phase 1 of Complete Streets that was publicly bid in Spring 2016. The scope of work is detailed in the Option B diagram below. Work will include increasing the pedestrian refuge island to accommodate shorter crossing distances, shifting the curb on Douglas Street 2.5 feet to accommodate an ADA-compliant curb ramp, and adjustments made to the corner of Millburn Avenue and Spring Street for additional turn maneuverability to facilitate movement to the new Washington School. More details will be posted as information regarding the construction schedule is available.

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A Brief Background of Complete Streets  

The Township of Millburn adopted a Complete Streets Policy outlining a series of goals and objectives to make the streets safer for pedestrians, improve traffic flow and calm traffic where appropriate, and enhance the vibrancy of our streets for pedestrians and businesses. A Complete Streets Sub-Committee, led by Mayor Ted Bourke and Committee member Ian Mount, was formed and tasked with implementing the Complete Streets Policy. Safe, well-balanced streets are good for business. The Complete Streets Initiative enhances the vibrancy of Downtown Millburn and supports the economic vitality of local business. A comprehensive Complete Streets project addressing pedestrian safety, traffic flow, intersection congestion and traffic calming is a complex process requiring thorough assessment of a myriad of factors both internal and external to our community. We are committed to taking on this challenge and addressing these critical factors to improve our downtown. We encourage residents to review the conceptual plans, ask questions and provide feedback. 

Feedback on Complete Streets

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