Municipal Clerk's Office

The Township Clerk serves as the secretary of the municipal corporation, as the Local Election Administrator and as secretary to the Governing Body, providing a variety of administrative and community relations services for them. This office receives, distributes and assigns correspondence on behalf of the Mayor and Committee, prepares Township Meeting agendas, resolutions, proclamations, ordinances and public meeting minutes. The Clerk administers the bidding and awarding of municipal contracts. The Clerk maintains official township files and records. The Clerk also oversees a variety of licenses.

Our goal is to assist all residents and members of the public in a friendly, helpful and courteous manner and to provide information to the Governing Body and all municipal departments. Some of the broad range of services provided by the Municipal Clerks Office is detailed below and are accomplished by the dedicated employees who make up the department.

The following is a list of various responsibilities of the Municipal Clerks Office:

Administrative Official:

Other services include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinates use of meeting rooms in the municipal building. Email Farah Kassim for information.
  • Receives and files bonds and insurance policies.
  • Serves as coordinator and records manager responsible for implementing local archives and records retention programs.
  • Coordinates the filing of Financial Disclosure forms as required by state law. View Financial Disclosure Statements.

Secretary to the Governing Body:

Secretary to the Municipal Corporation

  • Signature for official documents.
  • Attests signature of municipal officers and officials.
  • Maintains custody of all minute books, deeds, bonds, contracts, legal documents and archival records.
  • Retains custody of the Municipal seal.

Election Official

  • Serves as Chief Registrar of voters in the municipality subject to the requirements of Title 19 of the Revised Statutes.
  • Suggests polling places to Election Board. Find your polling location.
  • Interested in becoming a Millburn Township Board Worker for upcoming elections? View more information or call the Essex County Board of Elections at 973-621-5070 for more information.
  • Certifies vacancies existing on the local level.
  • Maintains receipt of nominating petitions and certifies to the County Clerk local candidates nominated by petition.
  • Exercises quasi-judicial authority in determining the validity of petitions.
  • Conducts drawing for position of candidates on the local ballot.
  • Furnishes material for local elections to poll workers.
  • Certifies to County Clerk persons elected to partisan County Committee offices in each election district.