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The Millburn Police Department strives for professionalism and treating those we encounter with respect and dignity. 

Below are some of the procedures and practices that we use to work toward these goals. 

Millburn Police Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect the lives, and rights of all people; maintain an ethical environment of mutual respect, trust and dignity; foster a partnership with the community we serve; and, improve the quality of life for all within the Township.


Millburn, being a Civil Service township, receives its eligible applicant list from the NJ State Civil Service Commission. We then have a team of supervisors and detectives that conduct an extensive background investigation.  If there are any issues found we then move on to the next applicant, within civil service rules. Candidates that successfully pass the background investigation can then be offered conditional employment. These conditions include an extensive psychological exam, medical exam, drug testing, and the completion of a NJ Police Academy. 

ACCREDITATIONMillburn Police Dept. Accreditation Coin

Millburn Police Department became accredited on May 9, 2013. Administered by the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police, the accreditation program requires agencies to comply with 112 best practice standards in five basic areas: the administrative function, the personnel function, the operations function, the investigative function, and the arrestee/detainee function. Accreditation results in greater accountability within the agency, reduced risk and liability exposure, stronger defense against civil lawsuits, increased community advocacy, and more confidence in the agency’s ability to operate efficiently and respond to community needs.


New officers attend a 22-week academy run by the NJ Police Training Commission. Following the successful completion of the academy, new officers are then assigned to a Field Training Officer, where they complete a 3-month in-house training program. 

Active police officers also receive the following in-service trainings: 

  • Annual: Domestic Violence, Blood-borne Pathogens, Hazardous Materials, Legal Updates, MEB/ASP baton training, Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) training, Cell block Management, Fire Extinguisher. Basic Life Support CPR/AED, Active Shooter, Ethics, Handling the Mentally Ill, Discriminatory Profiling Training which is inclusive of cultural diversity and the prohibition against discriminatory profiling. 
  • Every 2 years: Right to know, Criminal Justice Information Systems, Radar Operator
  • Twice annually: Use of Force with de-escalation, Pursuit, Firearms
  • Other Training: First Responder, Alcotest, Standardized Field Sobriety 


Our agency accepts any complaint from anyone at any time. All complaints will be investigated thoroughly in compliance with the NJ Attorney General Guidelines and the Essex County Prosecutors Office Professional Standards Bureau.


In compliance with the NJ Attorney General Guidelines, Millburn Police Internal Affairs utilizes an early warning system (EWS) where we track at least 15 performance indicators, such as use of force incidents, citizen complaints and MV crashes. Officers that trigger the EWS are then subject to a remedial/corrective action and then monitoring to determine if the behavior had been modified. Remedial/corrective action may include training, counseling, fitness-for-duty examination or discipline. EWS triggers and corrective actions are reported on a monthly basis to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office Professional Standards Bureau.


The Millburn Police Department conducts internal performance evaluations on all officers, twice a year. Issues identified in the performance evaluations are addressed on an ongoing basis.  


In compliance with the NJ Attorney General Guidelines, Millburn Police Internal Affairs completes random drug testing twice annually. Results are forward to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office Professional Standards Bureau. 


The Millburn Police Department is presently engaged in, and is always considering new opportunities for community engagement. 


March 13, 2024: Law Enforcement Recruitment Fair at Kean University