Shade Tree


The Township of Millburn has a defined and important connection to the natural urban forest that identifies this community. Residents, having been framed by Stewart Hartshorn’s philosophy, have significantly supported and genuinely care for a well-managed urban forest. 

Community forests benefits every person in the Township through adding value to properties, cleaning the air, controlling storm water and promoting a social feeling of calmness, comfort and home. It is this social feeling that the individual trees serve. They direct the attitudes to conserve the ever-significant urban tree as a functioning and living forest organism. 

Shade Tree’s mission is to continue with the energetic and proactive direction that has been set in motion by the people of Millburn Township to preserve and conserve our urban forest.

Shade Tree
Shade Tree Taylor Park


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Tree City Program

Millburn Township has been a “Tree City” USA, a program by the National Arbor Day Foundation, for 41 years. 

To earn Tree City designation, a municipality must have a functioning Tree Board, celebrate Arbor Day annually, have a tree ordinance and a maintain a tree management plan supported by $2 per capita per year. 

The official Arbor Day celebration in New Jersey is the last Friday in April. 

Millburn Township Shade Tree Department celebrates Arbor Day every year. Don’t forget to celebrate trees every day!

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