Tax Assessor


The Tax Assessor is responsible for the valuation of all real property located within the Township for the purpose of establishing a fair and equitable tax base.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Processing all deeds
  • 200' property owners lists
  • Maintaining & updating tax maps and tax lists
  • Assigning property locations
  • Adding subdivisions, etc. to the tax list
  • Inspection of all construction, renovations, etc. for assessment purposes and/or COAH-fee purposes
  • Defending all tax appeals filed by property owners
  • Reviewing requests for senior, veteran, surviving spouse and / or disabled person property tax deduction and/or 100% disabled veteran / surviving spouse property tax exemption applications

Property Record Cards

Property Record Cards (PRCs) can be searched using the following link: Millburn PRCs

200' List

A 200' list is available through the Assessor's Office in conjunction with the Engineering Office. To request a list you must do so in writing. Each property is treated as its own list. Example: Block 127 Lots 7 & 8 are considered 2 lists. A fee of $10.00 must be included for each list request. Please make checks payable to The Township of Millburn. No Faxes Accepted.

For Mailing Address Change requests, Tax Deduction and Exemption documents view the Tax Assessor section on the Forms & Applications page.