Complete Streets History


December 2014- Complete Streets Kick-off

At the recommendation of the Complete Streets Sub-Committee, the Township engages Arterial, LLC and Sam Schwartz Engineering to spearhead the conceptual design and planning of the Complete Streets Initiative.

Conceptual Design and Analysis

January 2015- Complete Streets Safety and Preliminary Engineering Assessment

The complete Streets Sub-Committee, Arterial and Sam Schwartz Engineering hold a series of internal data gathering sessions, perform field assessment activities, develop preliminary project timeline with benchmark target dates and engage critical Township personnel, Township engineering staff, the Millburn Police and Fire Departments and other key departments to review and guide the preliminary conceptual design of the Complete Streets program.

February 2015- Conceptual Design

The Complete Streets Sub-Committee releases Arterial to begin preliminary conceptual design and planning for a comprehensive Complete Streets program for downtown Millburn.

May 2015- Stakeholder Engagement and Review

The Complete Streets Sub-Committee assembles a group of key stakeholders including safety services, residents, business owners, the Downtown Millburn Development Alliance, the Chamber of Commerce and others to review the initial concepts and provide feedback.

June 2015- Community Public Open House

The Complete Streets Sub-Committee hosts public Open House sessions to inform the community of the Complete Streets program, present the initial concepts and gather feedback.

What's Happened

July to October 2015 – Conceptual Data Refinement and Schematic Design

Initial conceptual design concepts are further assessed and refined utilizing public and stakeholder feedback, relevant field data, recommendations from the project professional team and guidance from key Township personnel and departments.

Arterial is released to begin initial schematic design tasks meant to integrate data and input from conceptual phase of planning into a preliminary design program for review and consideration, to be supplemented and verified by traffic data collection to be performed by Sam Schwartz Engineering.

Aerial traffic study is performed at key intersections, supplemented by on-street peak time traffic count analysis, to verify programmatic assumptions and provide analytical data to guide the progression of schematic design and engineering activities.

Arterial begins materials studies meant to provide recommendations for durable and cost effective design and construction materials that properly integrate with the fabric of the Millburn downtown community as part of the overall Complete Streets Initiative.

Complete Streets Sub-Committee and Arterial begin initial outreach to County officials and personnel to present conceptual program and obtain critical input in advance of the required formal approvals process.

Concurrent with schematic design activities, Arterial will further develop the project implementation plan and provide a detailed preliminary construction budget for review and consideration.

Complete Street Sub-Committee begins planning for next round of stakeholder reviews and public input sessions set to begin in late October 2015, pending completion of traffic study data review and refinement of schematic design program.

 For a list of completed tasks during the duration of this project, please see Complete Streets Initiative FAQ's