Complete Streets Finances

The Complete Streets project, Phase I, began in July of 2016. Below is a breakdown, by category, of costs associated with the project to date. With the exception of police overtime and legal costs, all expenses have been made from the capital ordinance dedicated to Complete Streets.

Flanagan's Contracting Group - general contractor of the project

Paid to date - $4,511,187

The above amount paid is inclusive of change orders 1 through 5 that were approved at public meetings.

Arterial - designer, traffic engineer and civil engineer

Paid to date - $930,006.09

The above amount paid represents original Phase 1 plans, bid documents, bid review, construction oversight, and expert legal defense. It also includes work done towards Phase 2A, including Ad Hoc meeting participation, public outreach and meetings and other tasks assigned by the Complete Streets Ad Hoc.

Bowman Consulting - construction manager

Paid to date - $309,791.39

Bowman was hired by the Township to act as construction manager to assist in verifying quantity, job oversight, change order negotiation and safety. There have been change orders approved at public meetings to accommodate the length of the project.

JCP&Lutility company

Paid to date - $18,597.07

JCP&L has been paid for the design and installation of 3 new poles on Main Street. There is additional work anticipated for the removal of poles, but coordination between JCP&L, Verizon and the Township is still being evaluated.

Miscellaneous related expenses - additional items charged to the line item

Paid to date - $65,514.15

Some items were paid from the account outside of contracted items such as jersey barriers used to open up parking for fall of 2016, temporary plantings in fall of 2016, trash receptacles and paving.

Police Overtime - police officers used throughout construction for traffic and safety control

Paid in 2016 - $228,711.03

Paid in 2017 - $150,008.54

Police presence at the Township's discretion, not the contractor's, was decided prior to the commencement of the project and not a part of the bid specifications. The Township desired, at that time, greater control of the level of police presence in the downtown during construction.

Legal costs - lawsuit filed against the Township by two property owners in November 2016 regarding the project. Costs reflect amounts paid to Township attorney.

Paid in 2016 - $53,003.26

Paid in 2017 - $107,977.41

The Township is involved in an ongoing lawsuit regarding Phase I of the Complete Streets project.