2021 Sidewalk Cafe & Parklet Information

Executive Order No. 150 Regarding Outdoor Dining

As of 6:00 a.m. on Monday, June 15, 2020 restaurants are permitted to offer outdoor dining per Executive Order No. 150 issued by Governor Murphy. The following  details requirements for establishments wishing to allow for outdoor dining. In particular:

  • Patrons must remain six feet apart from all other patrons at all times, except for those patrons with whom they are sharing a table
  • Require patrons to wear a face covering while inside the premises of the restaurant
  • Prohibit smoking in any outdoor area designated for consumption of food and/or beverages

Establishments in Millburn Township must fill out a Sidewalk Café License Application 

  • Do not include a fee in your application, as it is being waived for 2021
  • Applications can be directed to the Township Clerk’s Office and placed in the drop box at Millburn Town Hall

Establishments wishing to expand outdoor dining by use of a parklet must:

  • Complete a parklet application in addition to a sidewalk café license application and any other applicable documentation
  • Submit the application and return to the Administration Department

Restaurants may proceed with outdoor dining as soon as their applications have been approved and they have been issued a permit.

Apply Now! 

Sidewalk Café License Application (PDF)
Parklet Application (PDF)

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