Downtown Area Vision Plan

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The Township of Millburn is undertaking a Vision Plan to revitalize and re-envision its Downtown Business district. The plan will look to build upon and leverage Millburn’s history, natural resources, anchors, community institutions and organizations, and other unique qualities. The Vision Plan will provide a strategy for how Millburn’s Downtown can support its existing retail base and better position itself for future growth and long-term sustainability, and it is anticipated to serve as a foundation for future implementation.

This is a critical time to think about a larger vision for Downtown. The COVID-19 crisis has created unprecedented challenges for our businesses, and has changed the way people use the Downtown. The Downtown Vision Plan provides the opportunity to shape a roadmap for the future of Millburn, where bouncing back from the COVID era means more than going back to the old “normal.” It means addressing old and new issues, being prepared for the future, and giving the people the Downtown they deserve: more functional, more varied, greener, safer, and more attractive.

All interested residents, property owners and other stakeholders will have opportunities to share their thoughts on the vision, goals and objectives for Millburn’s Downtown. See below for upcoming events and to review information from past events and surveys.

The plan is being led by a multidisciplinary team of designers, planners, and retail experts consisting of Perkins Eastman, BFJ Planning and Streetsense.


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Public Engagement

The Township’s goal is for the plan to be informed by a wide range of viewpoints while respecting the need to be respectful of social distancing protocols. As such, the Township will be sponsoring two virtual public workshops, two online surveys, and targeted meetings with stakeholders.

Public Survey #2: Downtown Millburn Interactive Map

Visit the Downtown Millburn Interactive Map to preview and comment on draft ideas. Please note the map will be active through Monday, March 8!

  • Explore the markers on the map to learn more about draft recommendations. There are different concepts shown in each sidebar tab. 
  • Feel free to comment on existing recommendations and give them an up- or down-vote.
  • You can also drag and drop the “Comment” pin from the top of the screen onto the map.
  • Please be constructive and courteous in creating a dialogue about Downtown Millburn’s needs.
  • Comments submitted through this platform are public and visible to other members of the community. Personal details will not be posted or shared.  

Past Events

  • The second public workshop was held on Tuesday, March 2 from 7:00 - 900 p.m. Over 215 people registered for the meeting and approximately 145 participated. The meeting can be watched on YouTube.
  • The first public workshop was held on Thursday, December 3 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.  Over 200 people registered for the online meeting and approximately 140 participated. The meeting can be watched on YouTube.
  • The first survey, which closed on December 18, received over 700 responses with many visitors also engaging in the pinpoint social ideas wall.  Please view the summary of these important engagement activities below:
    Public Survey and Ideas Wall Summary - December 23, 2020 (PDF)

Downtown Area Vision Plan Documents

Background Information

Steering Committee Members

Members listed below have been approved by the Township Committee.

  • Beth Zall - Planning Board Chair
  • Priya Patel - Environmental Commission Chair
  • Gaston Haupert - PTOC Safety Chair and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Board Member
  • Alex Zaltsman - Board of Education President 
  • Amy Lawrence - Former Member of Public Works Relocation Ad Hoc 
  • Tara Prupis - Mayor, Township Committee Member
  • Richard Wasserman - Township Committee Member
  • Alex McDonald - Township Business Administrator

Steering Committee Updates