Schedule of Penalties for Township Ordinances


8-2.5Operating Motor Vehicle in Park$85
7-17Trucks Over 4 Tons$85
7-17Trucks Over 10 Tons$85
7-35.19aUsing Parking Lots as Thru Streets$85
7-35.19bNo Left Turns - Lot 1 into Main Street$85
One Way Traffic, Millburn Avenue into Lot 4$85
7-22No Left Turns, Wyoming Avenue into Glen Avenue$85
7-27Land Use and Turns on Lackawanna Place$85
10-3.4Abandonment or Parking of Vehicles on Public Property (Used for "On Grass")$45
8-25bParking in Parks (Except in Designated Areas)$45
7-24Loading Zone$45
7-25Bus Stop - Parking Prohibited$45
7-26Taxi Stand - Parking Prohibited$45
7-45Parking in Fire Zone/Lane$45
7-13No Parking Any Time$40
7-10No Stopping or Standing$40
7-14Parking Certain Hours$40
7-11.1Limited Number Hours Parking - 1, 2, 3-Hour Time Limit$40
7-14.1Overnight Parking Prohibited on Street$40
7-11.2gNot Within Car Space on Street$30
7-11.2Overtime at Meter - Street Meters$30
7-35.4aNot Within Car Space in Parking Lot$30
7-35.4bRear End Facing Meter (Backed into space)$30
7-35.5Overtime at Meter - Lot Meters$30
7-35.6Overnight Parking Prohibited in Parking Lots$40
7-35.7Parking Permits Required$40
7-35.10Unauthorized Personnel (Lot #6 West Side Town Hall) Permit Required$40
7-35.12Township Business (Lot#5 & #6)$40
7-8No Parking Snow Emergency$60
7-13Parking Prohibited at all Times on Certain Streets$40
7-52.4Parking Millburn Board of Education$50
7-50Handicapped ParkingMandatory Court Appearance


5-6.1Unlicensed Dog$100
5-6.3Dog Running at Large$100
5-6.5Barking Dog$100
4-8.2Canvassing Without Permit$100
4-8.6aHours for Canvassing$100
8-2.1bDomestic Animals in Park$100
8-2.1eIn Park after 10 p.m.$100
8-2.1iOutdoor Fires$100
8-2.1jLittering in Park$100
10-1.2Littering on Property$100
15-6.5Throwing Snow into Street$100
15-6.5Removing Snow and Ice from Sidewalk$100
14-2.9bRemoval of Refuse Containers$100
8-21dAlcohol in Park$100
4-1.27False Fire/Burglar Alarms

1st Offense$50

2nd Offense$75

3rd Offense, etc.$100
14.3-4Leaves in Street

1st Offense$500

2nd Offense$750

3rd Offense$1,250


CO. 10-111(A)Curfew Violations$130
CO. 10-106(b)Trash/Dumping/Littering on County Property$130
CO. 10-106(c)Glass Beverage Containers$130
CO. 10-107(b)Illegal Parking or Driving off Designated Road$130
CO. 10-107(e)Bikes Restricted$130
CO. 10-109(a)Intoxicating Beverages$130
CO. 10-109(d)Restricted/Closed Areas$130
CO. 10-111(b)Restricted/Closed Areas$130
CO. 10-113(b)Unleashed Dogs in Reservation$130
CO. 22-170Prohibited Parking During Snowstorms, All Night Parking and Parking During Rush Hours on Certain Main County Highways$130