Two-Way Traffic Circulation Subcommittee


The Two-Way Traffic Circulation Subcommittee will vet traffic analyses, work with Essex County and the Township’s traffic engineer to identify the feasibility of moving forward with a new traffic pattern in the downtown.

Background Information

One of the major elements outlined in the Downtown Area Vision Plan process was the benefit of potentially establishing two-way traffic circulation.  Additional public involvement, awareness and explanation will be important in this ongoing effort.


This subcommittee consists of current members of the Downtown Area Vision Plan Steering Committee and Township Committee, including:

  • Tara Prupis - Mayor, Township Committee Member
  • Sanjeev Vinayak - Township Committee Member
  • Gaston Haupert - PTOC Safety Chair and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Board Member
  • Daniel Baer - Planning Board Member 
  • David Hawes - Commercial Property Owner 
  • Jennifer Duckworth - Chair, Pedestrian Safety Advisory Board  


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