DPW Site Redevelopment Subcommittee


The Dept. of Public Works (DPW) Site Redevelopment Subcommittee will evaluate current operations at the present Public Works site, potential relocation of the the operation (in part or full) and begin to identify what types of development would be in line with the community’s vision. 

Background Information

The Department of Public Works site was approved by the Township of Millburn in 2007 and remains valid today. Numerous options have been presented for this area throughout the visioning process that need to be vetted and considered.  There are many steps to redevelopment at this site which will include finalizing a solution for the current operations at this site, engaging the public with additional information and the consideration of a redevelopment plan or request for proposal of a redevelopment project.  This will all be part of the subcommittee's tasks moving forward.


This subcommittee consists of current members of the Downtown Area Vision Plan Steering Committee and Township Committee, including:

  • Tara Prupis - Mayor, Township Committee Member
  • Maggee Miggins - Township Committee Member
  • Amy Lawrence - Former Member of Public Works Relocation Ad Hoc
  • Beth Zall - Planning Board Chair
  • Alex Zaltsman - President, Board of Education 
  • Jorge Mastropietro - Planning Board & Environmental Commission Member 
  • Craig Ploetner - Zoning Board of Adjustment Member 


Send an e-mail to letusknow@millburntwp.org.