Car Theft Prevention

The Millburn Police Department would like to remind residents to secure their vehicles and remove all personal belongings from sight every day, whether parked at home overnight or around town during the day.  

To avoid a car burglary or theft, please remember: 

  • Lock your vehicle doors and roll up windows. Do not leave spare key fobs in your vehicle for any reason.  
  • Make sure nothing is visible in your car as this can invite a break-in. Always bring handbags, briefcases, wallets, devices and other valuables inside your home or lock them away in your vehicle's trunk if you can't take them with you. It's important to also keep personal documents, checkbooks and drivers licenses in your possession or locked safely away at all times. 
  • Create a habit around removing your valuables and locking your vehicles. When you get out of your car, lock your car.  

We ask that our residents work to eliminate the opportunity for break-ins and thefts. Remember, lock it up! 

Thank you for your vigilance. 

Click here to view a PDF version of these tips.