Traffic Signalization Project: Hobart Gap Rd/White Oak Ridge Rd and Hobart Ave 

On Monday, August 1, work is scheduled to begin at the intersection of Hobart Gap Road/White Oak Ridge Road and Hobart Avenue. Essex County is the lead agency on this project, which includes the signalization of the intersection, widening of the roadway to add a left turn lane onto Hobart Avenue from southbound White Oak Ridge Road, the installation of a new crosswalk, and curb work.

Phase 1 will begin next week with excavation and utility work, and is estimated to last four weeks. Due to supply chain issues, a delay of about four months is expected prior to the installation of the traffic signal equipment.

Road closures are not anticipated at this time, but disruptions may occur as lanes are closed intermittently due to construction. Traffic controls will be in place. We appreciate your patience as we work to enhance the flow of traffic and improve safety.