Where does the event start?

All routes begin at Town Hall. Rides are scheduled 30 minutes apart; please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your start time. Report to Town Hall with your bike and participant number clearly pinned to the front of your shirt. A volunteer will then check you in and direct you where to stand to be distanced from other participants or groups.

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1. What precautions are in place in light of COVID-19?
2. Will I receive anything after I register for the event?
3. Is there a registration fee?
4. What if it rains?
5. Where does the event start?
6. Where do I park?
7. Are the courses closed?
8. What if I get lost or go off-route?
9. What happens after my ride?
10. Is this a race?
11. Can toddlers with training wheels ride?
12. How do I decide which course to register for?
13. What if I tried to register, but it was closed?
14. What if I want to switch routes after I register?
15. Where can I find more information on safe biking?