In the event of construction, how are disruptions going to be mitigated?

There are three ways that construction disruptions can be mitigated;

  • Communication – communicating early and often about work to be completed will help prepare for any disruptions.  Additional solutions may include a dedicated public relations effort specific to the project.
  • Small bites – ensuring that any construction work is done in small increments will help avoid large disruption areas or protracted timing of any work in a particular area. This will keep one store or block from being impacted for prolonged period of time.
  • Off-peak work – completing work during off-peak hours or days.  No time is a perfect time for construction, but conducting work at off-peak times can help reduce construction impact and should be seriously considered when bidding any projects. 

There may be other methods to reduce construction disruption and increase communication with Downtown businesses and the residential community.  

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5. In the event of construction, how are disruptions going to be mitigated?
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