What is the Fair Share Housing Center?

The Fair Share Housing Center (FSHC) is a recognized affordable housing advocacy group that has been heavily involved in monitoring the efforts of NJ municipalities to comply with their affordable housing obligations. They have been granted “interested party” status in virtually all affordable housing litigation. In Millburn’s case, the Township negotiates directly with FSHC to settle our affordable housing obligations and obtain a status of compliance and repose from the courts. https://www.fairsharehousing.org/

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1. Where can I learn more about Millburn’s current Affordable Housing situation?
2. What are the ways the Township can obtain compliance and repose from the courts for affordable housing?
3. What is the status of the 75 units of 100% affordable housing at the 11 Main Street development (a portion of the DPW facility)?
4. Does Millburn have an Affordable Housing Plan?
5. Is the Township required to provide an opportunity for Affordable Housing units?
6. How many units of affordable housing is the township obligated to provide and by when?
7. What is Affordable Housing?
8. What is the Fair Share Housing Center?
9. What is an overlay zone?
10. Why are the courts in control of determining Millburn’s affordable housing obligation?
11. Will a court consider the economic impact to the community, including schools?
12. What is a builder's remedy lawsuit?
13. How can builder’s remedy lawsuits be avoided or defended?
14. Are the developers obligated to keep the ‘affordable units’ permanent?